Anton Sprint flue gas analyser BS7967 CO sampling probe set

The Anton Sprint appliance sampling probe set enables the investigation of fumes/products of combustion from appliances such as cookers, grills, flueless appliances, etc as described in BS7967.

Each of the two probes can be fitted onto the hose/handle assembly using the compression fitting supplied and then connected to the flue gas analyser. The set is designed for use with the Sprint range of combustion gas analysers and incorporates an in-line filter.
  • The kit comprises
    • Grill probe with oval supports and 7 sampling holes over a 250mm sampling length
    • Right-angled multihole probe with 5 sampling holes over a 125mm sampling length
    • Sampling hose with handle and compression fitting
  • Compatible with the following Anton Sprint flue gas analysers:
    • Anton Sprint eVo 1, 2 and 3 flue gas analysers
    • Anton Sprint V1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 flue gas analysers
For details of the Anton Sprint filter housing (water trap) assembly - FIL29001 Anton Sprint filter housing

Anton CO room test demostration Anton Sprint CO room test
demostration on YouTube
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3451-001 Anton Sprint BS7967 CO probe set - Anton ANT/CO/BS7967 £106.80
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