Anton Combined water flow and pressure test kit

The Anton combined water flow and pressure test kit is an essential tool for the boiler installation and servicing engineer.
The kit enables combination (combi) boilers and water heaters to be correctly set, it may also be used to check whether de-scaling is required.
  • Pressure gauge features:
    • 0 to 10 bar/140 psi scale
    • Flexible push-on tap connector
    • Brass fitting for long life
    • Safety chain
  • Weir gauge flow meter features:
    • Used for measuring water flow rates
    • Use when setting up combination boilers to help adjust the flow to the correct rate per minute
    • Quickly and easily set operating flow rates to appliance manufacturer’s specifications
    • Dual scale, measures in litres and gallons per minute
    • 2 to 23 litres and ½ to 5 gallons per minute
    • Handle may be fitted for right or left handed operation
    • Hard wearing tough ABS plastic vessel

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2756-001 Anton Combined water flow and pressure test kit £70.80
3647-001 Anton ADST liquid immersion thermometer £14.40
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