Anton Sprint flue gas analyser PRB29003 flammable gas leak detector

The Anton PRB29003 combustible gas leak detector is a simple to use, plug-in accessory for use with the Anton Sprint flue gas analysers. The detector enables small combustible gas leaks to be quickly pin-pointed with a gieger counter style click and visual bar graph indication.

Note: The Anton PRB29003 is a gas escape probe and does not MEASURE gas concentrations.
  • Features:
    • Pin-point small combustible gas leaks
  • Compatible with the following Anton Sprint flue gas analysers:
    • Anton Sprint eVo 2 and 3 flue gas analysers
    • Anton Sprint V2, 3, 4 and 5 flue gas analysers
  • Incompatible with the following:
    • Anton Sprint eVo 1 flue gas analyser
    • Anton Sprint V1 flue gas analyser

Anton Gas Escape Probe demostration Anton Gas Escape Probe
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2772-001 Anton Sprint flue gas analyser plug-in Gas Escape Probe - Anton PRB29003 £72.00
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