BW Technologies GasAlertMax XT gas detector calibration accessories

'Bump testing' and routine calibration of safety gas detectors is essential to ensure correct operation.

BW Technologies by Honeywell Analytics

'Bump Testing' - Performance check
BW recommends to 'bump test' the sensors fitted to safety gas detectors before each day's use to confirm their ability to respond to gas by exposing the detector to a gas concentration that exceeds the alarm setpoints, manually verify that the audible and visual alarms are activated and to calibrate the detector if the readings are not within the specified limits.

  • To bump test your gas detectors you will need:
    • 3517-201 - Honeywell bump test gas (maximum shelf life 12 months)
    • Approximately 12 tests should be possible from each canister of bump test gas
Gas detectors must be calibrated on a regular schedule, depending on use and sensor exposure to poisons and contaminants. BW recommends calibrating at least once every 180 days (6 months). The combustible gas sensor must be checked with a known concentration of calibration gas after any known exposure to catalyst contaminants/poisons (sulfur compounds, silicon vapors, halogenated compounds, etc).

  • To calibrate your gas detectors you will need:
    • 3517-001 - Honeywell calibration test gas (maximum shelf life 12 months)
    • 3516-001 - Calibration gas regulator
    • Approximatley 34 tests should be possible from each canister of calibration test gas
    • Calibration test gas may also be used for bump testing
Fleet management
Fleet Manager II PC software is also available for use with the IR connectivity kit or, for the larger fleet, the MicroDock II automated bump test and calibration station to manage your gas detector fleet and maintain records.

Always read and understand the gas detector user manual completely before operating or servicing.

Cylinder disposal:
Contact your local Council/Environmental Health for advice on disposal. Empty Cylinders can be returned to JMW Limited however these will still be classed as dangerous goods therefore you must inform the Courier (Shipping costs may well be prohibitive). You can purchase a Bottle Striker (CG-RK-1) which will render the cylinder safe and allow disposal in general waste/recycling (see below)
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3517-001 Honeywell test gas (34L) - 4Ga18X22W25H100-34
2.2% CH4 (50% LEL EN61779)/18.0% O2/25 ppm H2S/100 ppm CO
3516-001 BW Technologies calibration gas regulator (0.5LPM) REG-0.50 £180.00
3528-001 BW Technologies bottle striker CG-RK-1 £187.20
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