Honeywell XNX Universal transmitter for gas detection sensors

XNX is an extremely flexible transmitter that can be configured to accept an input from any of the Honeywell Analytics range of gas sensor technologies. It can also be configured to provide a wide variety of industry standard output signals. This enables users to have a single type of interface to all their gas detection needs, even when different types of detectors are employed, to most effectively address the different gas detection applications on site.

The most effective gas detection systems often employ a variety of detection technologies including point flammable detectors, toxic and oxygen electrochemical cell type detectors and open path infrared detectors. XNX provides a common transmitter interface to all of these and can be configured to provide industry standard signal outputs to match the individual requirement of each application or the preferred site standard. If site output standards change, XNX can be reconfigured to provide the new required output. XNX has also been futureproofed by having the ability to have other output modules fitted as new output standards are developed and adopted by industry.

  • Features:
    • High Performance:
      • Flammable gas detection 0 to 100% LFL/LEL
      • Point IR with heated optics provides immunity to poisoning and no hidden faults
      • Open-path IR flammable gas detection in LEL measurement
      • Electrochemical cell offers toxic gas detection in ppm
      • IR cell provides CO2 and combustible gas monitoring
      • Robust and reliable operation in explosive areas and harsh environments
    • Flexible Operation:
      • 3 versions - supports (Catalytic Bead and IR Cell), Electrochemical Cell and IR (point and open-path) gas detection
      • Multi-Purpose Detector (MPD) with field serviceable mV, Catalytic bead and IR Cell capability
      • 4-20mA with HART® as standard
      • HART Enhanced Device Description Language (EDDL) software*
      • Multiple communications options include up to 3 relays, MODBUS® and FOUNDATION® H1 Fieldbus
      • Optional local IS port for handheld HART® configurator
    • Ease of use:
      • Large, backlit, easy-to-view LCD display offers multisensory indicators (visual icons, coloured buttons, text) to display gas and sensor readings
      • User interface supported by 8 selectable languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Russian, Chinese)
      • Self-test and fault indication features
      • Non-intrusive, one-man operation
      • Quick calibration with auto-inhibit
    • Easy to install:
      • 3 or 4 wire operation, source, sink or isolated
      • Simple plug-in sensors and replaceable cells
      • NEMA 4X IP66 rated for rugged indoor/outdoor use
      • Five conduit entries for ease of installation
    • Cost effective:
      • Minimal training required
      • One-man operation
      • Plug-in sensor replacement
      • All necessary accessories included
XNX Universal Transmitter is supplied with blanking plugs, magnetic wand/screwdriver tool, hex keys, electrical jumpers, printed quick start guide and CD-ROM. Please order any optional accessories separately.

XNX Universal Transmitter is available in a range of configurations.
Please contact JMW for details and prices.

Honeywell XNX Universal Transmitter sensors datasheet XNX Universal Transmitter
Honeywell XNX Universal Transmitter quick start guide XNX Universal Transmitter
quick start guide
Honeywell XNX Universal Transmitter technical manual XNX Universal Transmitter
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