Kane 77 Carbon Monoxide Monitor and Personal CO Alarm

The Kane 77 is used to monitor carbon monoxide (CO) levels in commercial and residential living spaces, warehouse operations, combustion engine repair facilities, public facilities and any other indoor areas where people may work or live.
The full-featured, compact design of the Kane 77 personal CO alarm allows for easy use in almost any normal working environment.
The carbon monoxide monitor and personal CO alarm is not designed for use in areas designated as confined spaces where other toxic gases may be present or in designated zoned areas where Intrinsic Safety products are mandatory.

Carbon monoxide is life threatening even at relatively low concentrations.
Be sure you understand the risks before investigating potential leaks.
Please read the instruction manual.
This monitor must only be used by trained and competent persons after due consideration of all the potential hazards.
If in any doubt seek expert advice.

Use in conjunction with the Kane 457 flue gas and domestic atmosphere analyser when investigating domestic carbon monoxide alarm activation, or reports of smells or leakage of combustion products, as detailed in CMDDA1 (Carbon Monoxide/Carbon Dioxide - Domestic Atmosphere & Appliance Testing).
For details of the Kane 457 flue gas analyser Kane 457 flue gas analyser
  • Features:
    • One button ON with Auto Zero
    • Measures from 0 to 999 ppm CO
    • Long life CO sensor with 5 year expected life
    • Captures maximum value
    • Preset Alarms
    • Vibrating Alarm
    • Visual three colour LED
      • OFF: 0-1ppm
      • GREEN: 2-9 ppm
      • AMBER: 10-29 ppm
      • RED: 30ppm or higher
    • Audible tone
      • If readings 30 ppm or above
    • Data Hold
    • Back lit display
    • Battery Indication
  • Specification:
    • Range: 0-999 ppm (parts per million)
    • Resolution: 1 ppm
    • Accuracy:
      • +3 ppm 0 to 100 ppm*
      • +5% reading > 101 ppm
    • Audible Alarm: Preset at 30 ppm
    • Visual Indication: LCD and LED
    • Battery: 9V alkaline
    • Battery Life: Up to 250 hours using Duracell Procell**
    • Ambient Temperature: 0-40°C
    • Dimensions: 110mm x 66mm x 38mm excluding clip (45mm including clip)
    • Weight: 180 grams
    • Warranty: 1 year
  • Kane 77 personal CO alarm supplied complete with:
    • CO Monitor with rubber sleeve and battery (fitted)
    • User instruction manual
    • Full 12 month traceable calibration certificate issued in the buyers name
* As per EN 50543 : 2011
** Based on normal use without backlight or alarms
No user serviceable parts
Re-calibrate every 12 months

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