Kane AF9 inline filter for Kane 250, 255, 455, 456 & 458 flue gas analysers

The Kane AF9 disposable inline filter provides added protection for Kane 250 and 400 series flue gas analysers when being used to test oil fired burners.

Used in conjunction with the standard PF400 particulate filter which is situated within the water trap assembly, the AF9 disposable filter further reduces the possibility of dirt or foreign matter entering the analyser and causing premature failure of sensitive and expensive components such as the pump and gas sensors.

Regular replacement of the Kane AF9 disposable filter assembly and the PF400 filter element helps to ensure that the Kane analyser is operating correctly and efficiently.

Note: Existing AF9 inline filters may be of a slightly different appearance than these replacements. Existing AF9s may be of clear plastic and have a label around one end.
  • Compatible with the following Kane flue gas analysers when used for testing oil fired burners:
    • Kane 250
    • Kane 255
    • Kane 400
    • Kane 425
    • Kane 450
    • Kane 455
    • Kane 456
    • Kane 458
  • The following notes may help when retrofitting a Kane AF9 inline filter assembly:
    1. Fit the AF9 filter assembly approx 100mm from the analyser end of the flue probe hose
    2. Snip and remove the cable-tie that acts as a retainer for the temperature cable/plug
    3. Free the cable/plug from the split side of the hose so that it isn't cut along with the main hose
    4. Cut the hose approximately 100mm from the end leaving the spigot in place
    5. Insert the AF9 filter so that the 'fat' end is fitted to the flue probe hose
    6. Attach the 100mm piece of hose with spigot to the other end of the AF9
    7. Fit a new cable-tie to retain the temperature cable/plug in place
When replacing a contaminated Kane AF9 filter ensure that the 'fat' end of the new AF9 is fitted to the flue probe hose and the 'thin' end to the short hose and spigot.
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