Kane CPS1 Combustion Probe Stand

The new Kane CPS1 combustion probe stand is an affordable solution to assist, when carrying out CO room safety tests as laid out in BS7967 and CMDDA1. (Carbon Monoxide/Carbon Dioxide - Domestic Atmosphere & Appliance Testing)

Most flue gas analysers have CO room safety test facilities enabling engineers to respond to reports of fumes or carbon monoxide alarm activation. These tests require the engineer to take a sample 2m high in a central location of the room at least 1m away from the appliance being tested. These tests are typically for a minimum of 15 minutes.

The Kane CPS1 combustion probe stand provides a professional solution holding the sample probe at the correct position to carry out room safety tests. The kit also provides a flue gas analyser mounting bracket for the magnetic attachment of the analyser, holding the instrument at a convenient height to both operate and view the on screen data.
  • Compatible with the following Kane analysers:
    • Kane 250 combustion meter
    • Kane 425 flue gas analyser
    • Kane 450 flue gas analyser
    • Kane 455 flue gas analyser
    • Kane 456 flue gas analyser
    • Kane 457 flue gas and domestic atmosphere analyser
    • Kane 458 flue gas analyser
  • Supplied complete with:
    • 2m Tripod
    • Flue probe adaptor
    • Analyser bracket
    • Carry holdall
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3830-001 Kane combustion probe stand - CPS1 £150.00
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