Kane PF2/10 filter elements for Kane 900 series flue gas analysers

Kane PF2 filter elements reduce the possibility of dirt or other foreign matter entering the Kane 900 series flue gas analysers and causing premature failure of sensitive and expensive components such as the pump and gas sensors.

Regular replacement of the Kane PF2 filter element helps to ensure that the Kane analyser is operating correctly and efficiently.
  • Compatible with the following Kane flue gas analysers:
    • Kane KM700
    • Kane KM701
    • Kane KM800 & KM800 plus
    • Kane KM900, 900, 900 Plus & 940
    • Kane KM9100
    • Kane KM9101
    • Kane KM9103
    • Kane KM9106

Buy the Kane PF2/10 filter elements now, Tel: 01279 307100
815-010 Kane PF2/10 filter element - pack of 10 £25.20
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