Honeywell Neotronics Enforcer gas detector calibration accessory

The Honeywell Neotronics Impact Enforcer calibration accessory is a portable device into which is screwed a canister of traceable test gas. The Neotronics Impact portable gas detector is simply clipped into the Enforcer and at the touch of a button calibration commences.

In under 2 minutes calibration is complete and the Neotronics Impact will indicate pass or fail accordingly.

The controlled exposure greatly reduces test gas wastage with approximately 200 calibrations available from each canister.

The canister contains a mixture of methane, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide and is suitable for automatically calibrating or bump testing both Impact and Impact Pro gas detectors fitted with disposable 2, 3 and 4 gas cartridges (O2/FL, O2/FL/H2S, O2/FL/CO and O2/FL/H2S/CO).

  • Features:
    • Simple to use, minimal training required
    • Up to 200 calibrations per canister
    • Suitable for calibration or bump testing
  • Compatible with the following Honeywell gas detectors:
    • Neotronics Impact gas detector
    • Neotronics Impact Pro gas detector
  • Supplied complete with:
    • Multi gas canister - 4Ga15X22W40H100-34 (Formerly 2302D0761)
    • Wall mounting bracket
Honeywell Neotronics Enforcer calibration accessory datasheet Enforcer
Buy the Enforcer calibration accessory now, Tel: 01279 307100
1676-001 Honeywell Neotronics Enforcer complete with multigas canister - 2302B1336 £570.00
1677-001 Replacement multigas canister (EN61779 ATEX) - 4Ga15X22W40H100-34 (Formerly 2302D0761) £156.00
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