TPI A794-F and A796-F flue gas analyser filter element

TPI A796-F paper filter elements are essential to reduce the possibility of dirt or other foreign matter entering the TPI flue gas analyser and causing premature failure of sensitive and expensive components such as the pump and gas sensors.

Regular replacement of the TPI A796-F filter element ensures that the TPI flue gas analyser is operating correctly and efficiently.
  • Compatible with the following TPI flue gas analysers
    Fitted with the large A796 water trap:
    • TPI 709R flue gas analyser
    • TPI 712 flue gas analyser
    • TPI 714 flue gas analyser
    • TPI 716 flue gas analyser
    • TPI 717R flue gas analyser
Note: The latest A796 water traps are fitted with the 32mm long filter. Some earlier models were fitted with the 22mm long filter (A794-F). Please check before ordering.
Buy the TPI A796-F now, Tel: 01279 307100
3642-010 22mm filter element TPI A794-F (pack of 10) £19.20
3824-010 32mm filter element TPI A796-F (pack of 10) £19.20
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