Testo 300 flue gas analyser with smart-touch technology

Testo 300 smart touch flue gas analyzer

The smart-touch display responds immediately without any delay allowing intuitive operation - just as easy as on a smartphone. Clearly structured menus for all relevant measurements are already stored in the measuring instrument and guide you efficiently through the application. The Testo 300 enables the convenient creation of documentation directly on site which can be sent to the office or customers straight away via WLAN. Site information and contact details can be stored directly in the analyser.

Choose from the Testo 300 handy kits configured with standard sensors and accessories for servicing domestic boilers, or the Testo 300LL with longlife sensors, CO dilution and modular probe for commercial boilers

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  • Features:
    • Operation via smart-touch
    • Fast 'on-site' reporting
    • E-mailing of reports via wireless lan
    • Customer site information and contact details stored directly in the analyser
    • Nitric oxide sensor upgrade available (300 LL only) for NOx measurement

Testo 300 flue gas analyser brochure
Testo 300 brochure - Click to view
Testo 300
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Flue gas analyser cold weather precautions
Cold weather precautions
Testo 300 flue gas analyser - Features 300
Standard kit
Printer kit
Advanced kit
300 LL
Standard kit
330 LL
Printer kit
Test 300 flue gas analyser for service and testing of all types of domestic boilers and heating systems    
Oxygen and CO (0-4000ppm) measuring cells    
Compact basic flue gas probe
180mm x 6mm, Tmax. 500°C (0600 9740)
Instrument soft bag (0516 3001)    
Spare filters for compact probe - 10 off (0554 0040)    
Test 300 LL flue gas analyser with long life gas measuring cells for installation and maintenance work on commercial heating systems      
Long life oxygen and CO (0-8000ppm H2 compensated) measuring cells with automatic dilution up to 30,000ppm      
Modular flue gas probe
180mm, x 8mm, Tmax. 500°C (0600 9760)
Instrument hard case (0516 3300)      
Spare filters for modular flue gas probe - 10 off (0554 3385)      
USB mains unit, including cable (0554 1105)
EasyHeat PC software (0554 3332)
Bluetooth®/IRDA printer including 6 x rolls of thermal paper and rechargeable battery (0554 0621)    
Temperature clamp probes for differential temperature (2)        
Pressure hose connection set        
2 year warranty    
5 year warranty      
JMW Stock No. 4115-001 4115-002 4115-003 4115-101 4115-102

Buy the Testo 300 now, Tel: 01279 307100
4115-001 Testo 300 flue gas analyser standard kit 0564 3002 70 £1018.80
4115-002 Testo 300 flue gas analyser printer kit 0564 3002 71 £1282.80
4115-003 Testo 300 flue gas analyser advanced kit 0564 3002 81 £1438.80
4115-101 Testo 300 LL flue gas analyser standard kit 0564 3004 82 £1726.80
4115-102 Testo 300 LL flue gas analyser printer kit 0564 3004 83 £2038.80
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