Testo 320 professional flue gas analyser
with Bluetooth for Android

The new Testo 320 is a high quality measuring instrument for efficient flue gas analysis. The high-resolution display allows a detailed presentation of the measurement procedures and is easily legible even under the worst conditions. Bluetooth connection to the free Testo Combustion App (Android devices only) allows users to document and share measurement data.

Clearly structured measurement menus for:
  • Flue gas analysis
  • Draught
  • Differential pressure
  • Differential temperature
  • CO ambient
  • Letby/Tightness

Testo 320 flue gas analyser demonstrations now available at JMW a Testo Qualified Service Provider
  • Testo 320 features:
    • Accurately measures: Oxygen (O2), Carbon monoxide (CO) 0-4,000ppm, Flue and inlet temperature, Pressure measurement (0 to 300mbar), Draught (-9.99 to +40.00mbar)
    • Calculates: Carbon dioxide (CO2), CO/CO2 ratio, Poison index, Efficiency (gross and nett)
    • Multi-fuel: Natural gas, Light oil, Kerosene, Heavy oil, Propane, Butane, Wood pellets, Coal, Anthracite coal, Coke
    • Professional quality sensors
    • Basic flue probe (180mm x 6mm dia.)
    • Timed tightness test
    • Fast set up
    • Built-in memory (500 measurements)
    • 3 year warranty (instrument and sensors)
    • Bluetooth communications to Testo Combustion app (Android only)
    • Flue gas matrix screen
    • Optional gas leak probe for gas detection and gas pipe tests available - Selectable for methane or propane and detecting up to 10,000ppm
    • Optional CO and CO2 probes available for detailed measurement in ambient air or around boiler housings for instance
  • Calibration:
    • Supplied complete with a full 12 month calibration certificate issued in the buyers name
Testo combustion App for Android
Testo combustion app
for Android
Flue gas analyser cold weather precautions
Testo 320 datasheet
Flue gas analyser cold weather precautions
Cold weather precautions
Testo 320 flue gas analyser - Features  Standard 
 Advanced with printer
Testo 320 combustion analyser
Basic flue probe (180mm x 6mm shaft)
Testo 'system' equipment case
USB battery charger
3 yr warranty (instrument & sensors)
User manual
Full 12 month calibration certificate
Bluetooth communication (Android only)
IRDA infra-red linked thermal printer (0554 0549)    
Differential temperature probe set (pipe wrap) (0554 1208)  
Differential pressure hose set (0554 1203)  
JMW Stock No. 3694-301 3694-302 3694-303

Buy the Testo 320 now, Tel: 01279 307100
3694-301 Testo 320 flue gas analyser standard kit - 0563 3220 77 £780.00
3694-302 Testo 320 flue gas analyser advanced kit - 0563 3220 78 £828.00
3694-303 Testo 320 flue gas analyser advanced kit with printer - 0563 3220 79 £948.00
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