Testo 510 pocket sized differential manometer

Testo 510 differential manometer - 0563 0510
Testo 510
differential manometer
Pressure Converter
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The Testo 510 differential manometer measures differential pressure in the range from 0 to 100 mbar. The pressure measurement is temperature compensated to obtain accurate measurement values. The measurement values can be displayed in Pascal over the entire measurement range. Magnets at the rear of the instrument permit hand free operation. The backlit display allows the measurement values to be easily read, even in unfavourable light conditions. The Testo 510 differential manometer, in combination with a Pitot tube, measures air flow velocity and for accurate measurement values, the air density can be compensated.
Now with magnets at the back of the instrument which enable hands-free operation, for instance, while adjusting gas heaters
  • Features:
    • Measuring range: 0 to 100 mbar
    • Resolution: 0.01 mbar
    • Selectable units of pressure:
      • hPa
      • mbar
      • Pa
      • mmH2O
      • mmHg
      • inH2O
      • inHg
      • psi
      • m/s (with optional Pitot tube accessory)
      • fpm (with optional Pitot tube accessory)
    • Temperature and air density compensation
    • Magnetic rear permits hands free working
    • Flow velocity measurement with Pitot tube (Pitot tube and connection hose not included)
    • Display illumination
    • Protective cap for safe storage
    • Dimensions (incl. protective cap): 119mm x 46mm x 25mm
  • Supplied complete with:
    • 2 x connection hoses and tubing adaptor
    • Wrist strap
    • Belt holder
    • Protective storage cap
    • Batteries (2 x AAA, MN2400)
    • Operating instructions
    • Full 12 month traceable calibration certificate issued in the buyers name
Testo 510 differential manometer datasheet Testo 510
Testo 510 differential manometer user manual Testo 510
user manual
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2909-001 Testo 0563 0510 Testo 510 Differential manometer £174.00
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