Infra-red linked thermal printer for Testo 310 flue gas analyser

The Testo Infra-red linked thermal printer allows instant, on-site printing of test results from the Testo 310 flue gas analyser. Data is transferred from the gas analyser via the infra-red link and is printed on thermal paper.
  • Features:
    • Instant, on site printing of test results
    • No connecting wires, information downloaded via an infra-red link.
    • No ink, no ink ribbons, just prints straight onto thermally sensitive paper.

Testo 0554 3100 printer user manual Testo 0554 3100
user manual

Buy the Testo infra-red linked thermal printer now, Tel: 01279 307100
3697-001 Testo 0554 3100 Infra-red linked thermal printer for Testo 310 only £202.80
1576-006 Testo 0554 0568 thermal paper with 10 year legibility - pack of 6 £34.20
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