Honeywell Sensepoint Pro gas detection sensors

The Sensepoint Pro range of sensors provides comprehensive monitoring of flammable, toxic and oxygen gas hazards in potentially explosive atmospheres, both in and out of doors and compliments the Sensepoint and Sensepoint Plus range of gas sensors.

Sensepoint Pro can be used with a choice of controllers such as the Honeywell Zareba Unipoint, or operated from any control system which accepts the industry standard 4-20mA signal.

Sensepoint Pro is part of the complete range of Sensepoint gas sensors from Honeywell Zareba including; Sensepoint and Sensepoint Plus.

Note: Sensepoint Pro flammable is preconfigured for 0-100% LEL methane. Contact the sales office for other flammable gas configurations.
  • Features:
    • Flammable, toxic and oxygen versions available
    • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
    • IP65 as standard
    • Surecell™ electrochemical sensors
    • Poison resistant catalytic bead
    • Proven, fast and reliable
    • ATEX certified (UL certified versions available on request)
    • Backlit LCD display
    • Fully configurable via IR remote control
    • Non intrusive, one man operation
    • Typical 2 to 5 year operational life
    • 3/4" NPT and M20 conduit connections
  • Sensepoint Pro supplied complete with:
    • Intrinsically safe remote control
    • 3/4"NPT to M20 adaptor
    • Wall mounting bracket
    • Pole mounting bracket
    • Weatherproof cap
    • Necessary Allen keys
    • User manual
Replacement gas sensors:
The Sensepoint Pro has been superceded by the Sensepoint XCD range.
Sensepoint XCD replacement sensors are fully compatible with Sensepoint Pro
Contact the sales office quoting part number:
SPPPXXF1SS - 0-100%LEL - OBSOLETE - Replacement 3532-201 SPXCDXSFXSS
SPPPXXC1SS - 0-200ppm CO - OBSOLETE - Replacement 3532-205 SPXCDXSCXSS
SPPPXXC2SS - 0-500ppm CO - OBSOLETE - Replacement 3532-205 SPXCDXSCXSS
SPPPXXH1SS - 0-50ppm H2S - OBSOLETE - Replacement 3532-204 SPXCDXSHXSS
SPPPXXH2SS - 0-20ppm H2S - OBSOLETE - Replacement 3532-204 SPXCDXSHXSS
SPPPXXH3SS - 0-100ppm H2S - OBSOLETE - Replacement 3532-204 SPXCDXSHXSS
SPPPXXG1SS - 0-1000ppm H2 - OBSOLETE - Replacement 3532-205 SPXCDXSFXSS
SPPPXXO1SS - 0-25%v/v O2 - OBSOLETE - Replacement 3532-203 SPXCDXSO1SS

Honeywell Sensepoint Pro gas detection sensors datasheet Sensepoint Pro
Honeywell Zareba Sensepoint Pro gas detection controller user manual Sensepoint Pro
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