Kane pressure hose set complete with pressure fittings

A set of hoses for use with the digital manometer built in to the Kane 400 series flue gas analysers.

Use one hose when connecting to perform burner pressure testing or let-by/tightness testing and 2 hoses when using the Kane analyser as a differential manometer.

Now supplied by JMW complete with two Kane black plastic pressure fittings
  • Compatible with the following:
    • Kane 400 flue gas analyser
    • Kane 425 flue gas analyser
    • Kane 3500 digital pressure meter
    • Kane 450 flue gas analyser
    • Kane 451 Plus flue gas analyser
    • Kane 455 flue gas analyser
    • Kane 456 flue gas analyser
    • Kane 457 flue gas and domestic atmosphere analyser
    • Kane 458 flue gas analyser
Note: For use with natural gas only (not LPG)
Buy the Kane pressure hose set now, Tel: 01279 307100
3259-001 Kane pressure hose set complete with pressure fittings £12.00
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