JMW calibration price indicator

JMW provide a specialised, rapid, calibration, service and repair facility for a range of gas related test and safety instrumentation
backed by a Quality Management System accredited to BS EN ISO9001:2000

All prices are in £ and are for indication only. Prices are exclusive of carriage and VAT.
Should the instrument require repair a detailed quotation will be issued before any additional costs are incurred.

Calibration While-U-Wait
Call 01279 307100 to book an appointment.

Help Us To Help You
When sending items to JMW for calibration please ensure that you include the following:
Your name
Your full postal address
A valid email address
Your mobile telephone number

Download a flue gas analyser service return form
Anton approved calibration and service Testo approved TPI approved

Abbreviations: The following abbreviations are used in the JMW calibration database.
%LEL = % Lower explosive limit
%v/v = % Volume
AV = Aviation fuel
BR2 = Bromine
C3H8 = Propane
C4H10 = Butane
C5H12 = Pentane
C6H14 = Hexane
C8H18 = Octane
CH = Hydrocarbons
CH4 = Methane
CL2 = Chlorine
CLO2 = Chlorine dioxide *
CO = Carbon monoxide
CO2 = Carbon dioxide
COM = Combustibles
ETO = Ethylene oxide *
EX = Explosive
FLAM = Non specific flammable gases
H2 = Hydrogen *
H2S = Hydrogen sulphide
HCN = Hydrogen cyanide *
NH3 = Ammonia
NO = Nitric oxide
NO2 = Nitrogen dioxide
O2 = Oxygen
O3 = Ozone *
PH3 = Phosphine
ppm = Parts per million
PRESS = Pressure
SO2 = Sulphur dioxide
TEMP = Temperature
VOC = Volatile organic compounds
* Reactive calibration gases have a short shelf life and are not always readily available.
JMW reserve the right to forward instruments configured to detect such gases (marked *) to the original equipment manufacturer for calibration.

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