Gas leak detector instrumentation calibration

Gas leak detectors and single gas analysers are configured to detect one specific gas.
This listing details the various makes and models of gas leak detectors and single gas analysers that JMW calibrate.

Calibration While-U-Wait
JMW offer a "calibrate while you wait service", telephone 01279 307100 to book an appointment.

Help Us To Help You
When sending items to JMW for calibration please ensure that you include the following:
Your name
Your full postal address
A valid email address
Your mobile telephone number

In general the accepted calibration interval for gas leak detectors and single gas analysers is 12 calendar months. JMW maintain a database of all previously calibrated equipment and advise the owner prior to the end of the calibration interval that recalibration is recommended.

Instruments calibrated

ADC Cordless CO2
AI Halotek
AI Leakseaker 46
AI Leakseaker 96
AI Q196
Analox 300-5-CO
Anglo Nordic AN134
Anglo Nordic ANCO
Anglo Nordic Gas Safe II
Anton AGM 50
Anton AGM 55
Argweld Purge Monitor II
Argweld Purge Monitor III
Bacharach Leakator 10
Bear Service GD8514
Bedfont TM100
Beverage Systems Cordless CO2
CPS L700
CPS LS3000 Eliminator
Crowcon Oxytone 79OX
Detection Instruments AE10-40
Dilo D-87727
Distillers Gas Minder E11
Dive Dynamics GII-3
Draeger CMS
Draeger Elektron
Duomo CO
Ecodyne LD2000
Encon Safeflue
Encon Safegas
Envitec Dinoquant 4012
ETI Mini Gas Sniffer
Eurotron Sniffer
Fluke CO-200
GazCal gas generator
GLD flammable gas
Heraeus IR-CO2 Gastek
Hitech HI400
HRPC 720b
Huntigdon Fusion Purge Monitor
Inficon GasMate
Inficon TEK
ION Science Gas Check P1
ITE Finder 5
Javac Tek-Mate
Jencons PLS QFM330
JK Electronics Audioleak
Kane CD100A
Kane CO91 CO
Kane CO-Sense
Kane EGA80 O2
Kane EGA81 CO
Kane HXG-1
Kane Leak-Seeka LS1
Kane RD
Kane RFC-1
Kane SGA70 CO
Kane SGA91 CO
Kane SGA92 NO
Kane SGA94 SO2
Kane SGA96 CO2
Kitagawa OMA-3AS
Komyo OMA-3A
Maester CO-Trac
Maester Tracaleak
Martindale CO90
Messer/Distillers Guardian
Omnitron Detekta-CO
Omnitron Detekta-Gas
ProFit Co-Mate CO
ProFit Gas-Mate
Quantum Instruments BT45
Quantum QFM330
Quantum QPM32
Quantum QPM3200
Rae Systems MiniRae 2000 PGM7600
Rae Systems MiniRae Classic/plus PGM75/76
Rae Systems ppbRae PGM7240
Regin Kanary
Regin Mobile CO
Regin Sniffa
Riken HG-202F
Ritchie 69300
Robinair 16000
SAT Oxygen Monitor
Sensistor 8012
Sensit CMM CO
Sensit HXG-1
Sensit RFC
Servomex 1175
Servomex 1361
Servomex 1370
Servomex 262A
Servomex 500
Sybron Taylor 500
Taylor Servomex OA250
Teledyne Oxygen
Telegan GasTic
Telegan Spygas
Telegan Temco
Telegan Temox
Testo 315 CO
Testo 316-1
Testo 316-4
Testo 317-1 Testo 535
TIF8500 CO
TPI 720
TPI 750/750a
TPI 755
TPI 770
Vaisala GM70/MI70 CO2
JMW's Quality Management System is BS EN ISO9001:2008 accredited for the supply, repair, refurbishment and recalibration of gas detection/analysis instrumentation and associated safety equipment, electrical/electronic measuring devices and telecommunication linesmans equipment.

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