Flue gas analyser calibration

Combustion flue gas analyser and boiler testers generally measure oxygen, carbon monoxide and temperature but may also be fitted with sensors to measure additional parameters.

In general the accepted calibration interval for flue gas analysers is 12 calendar months. JMW maintain a database of all previously calibrated equipment and advise the owner prior to the end of the calibration interval that recalibration is recommended.

Calibration While-U-Wait
JMW offer a "calibrate while you wait service", telephone 01279 307100 to book an appointment.

Help Us To Help You
When sending items to JMW for calibration please ensure that you include the following:
Your name
Your full postal address
A valid email address
Your mobile telephone number

Or download a service return form.

  • For calibration price details:
    • Contact JMW on 01279 307 100
    • Email your details to: sales@jmwlimited.co.uk
    • Or use the quotation request form below
Calibration standards

Other parameters:

Instruments calibrated

Kane 900 Plus
Kane 940
Regin Analizer
Regin Ratio
Testo 300
Testo 310
Testo 320
Testo 320B
Testo 327-1
Testo 330
TPI 712
TPI 709R
TPI 716
TPI 717R

JMW's Quality Management System is BS EN ISO9001:2008 accredited for the supply, repair, refurbishment and recalibration of gas detection/analysis instrumentation and associated safety equipment and electrical/electronic measuring devices.

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